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Buying your own domain

Buying your own domain – please note this

Anyone who has ever wanted to buy a domain knows the problem: the idea for the homepage is born, only the name is missing. In theory, the address can seemingly be put together from an infinite number of possibilities. In practice, however, it is not that simple.

Some mistakes can happen when choosing the right name. Thus, the address must keep the German right and may not hurt the rights of third. Again and again there are disputes here, which are usually solved extrajudicially, but sometimes also develop into lengthy and expensive court hearings. The following basic rules can be used to reliably avoid legal trouble.

Buy a domain: Protected brand names and other problematic cases

Anyone wishing to buy a domain will repeatedly encounter legal problems. Because: if the name is registered with the German Patent Office in Munich, it falls under trademark protection. If, for example, you want to register a website with the word “Intel” in its name, you first have to ask the legal owner. This also applies if the protected term is identical with the own name, because the legislator always gives priority to the larger company.

Not only company names, but also their trademarks and the titles of books, magazines, films and other products are sometimes protected. The same applies to city names, one’s own license plate and national institutions such as the police or the Landeszentralbank (state central bank). Names of living or deceased persons may be used as long as the name bearer tolerates this.

According to German law, domains with typos are not allowed. For example, if you want to register the address „“, you must be prepared to receive mail from the original name holder.

Buy a domain – these addresses are allowed

Domain names that contain the personal first and last names are generally permitted. Company names and fantasy addresses can also be used as long as the terms used are not protected. We offer many premium domains with highly competitive generic terms.

The German registrator DENIC provides further information on the topic of „domain registration“ – including verification of the desired domain.

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