Domain names are important for successful marketing

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Domain names are extremely important for successful marketing. All entrepreneurs who have a new website created or move to a new domain with an existing site should bear this in mind. The new name should be memorable for the users and at the same time refer concisely to the content of the site. Among other things, this has an important SEO technical effect. However, the desired domain is not always still available.

Domain names in SEO

Domain names play an outstanding role in search engine optimization (SEO). Google crawls the URL (the domain name) first. This means, if this name contains a relevant keyword, the domain can already appear in first place on Google within 24 hours – if this search term (usually a longtail keyword) has not been used by anyone else in a domain, yet, or if it is relevant but unique. The latter is the case with event announcements. If you as a musician are holding a concert or a weekly market as an organizer, the domain “Konzert-Samstag-05-08-2017-Stadttheater-Fürth” (Concert-Saturday-2017-08-05-Municipal-Theater-Fuerth) or “Wochenmarkt-Samstag-05-08-2017-Fürth” (Weekly-Market-Saturday-2017-08-05-Fuerth) will probably put you at least on page 1 of Google, immediately. A simple blog will do. Just try it out!

How should domain names be “technically” structured?

Abbreviations are often used in the domain, but not every user understands them. The domain “” is the homepage of the “Kölner Stadtanzeiger”, would you have guessed it? There are countless domains, whose owners would have preferred to use more memorable names. These can gladly originate from the colloquial language and should of course have a reference to the website. “Free advertising” would be such a name, “Kstl-Wrbg” however not. Since the browser remembers our entries, the names can be a little bit longer. Avoid special characters, even if they are allowed. That would be ~, _, / or \, among other things, more such characters are possible. Remember also to use upper and lower case: The Unix servers distinguish the domain between upper and lower case letters. Last but not least, you must not use a domain name that violates the rights of other persons or organizations.

We have Exclusive domain names

Domain names are important for successful marketing.