Is it worth buying a Premium Domain?

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Is it really recommendable to buy a Premium Domain?

If the website operator decides to buy certain domain names, he may have to spend a lot of money on them. But is such an investment really worth it?

Each domain is unique. This may also be the reason why domain names with popular domain extensions (such as DE or COM) are hardly available anymore. If you want to buy a premium domain, you often have to invest large sums of money. The one who owns the domain name often knows that he is sitting on a small gold mine.

What is a Premium Domain?

A premium domain is a very attractive domain name which has either been registered long ago or which appeals to a broad public in its meaning and use. Many domain names were already registered in the early days, since many users were convinced that the Internet would gain in importance. So, anyone who bought domain names with the terms “Auto” (“car”), “Gold” (“gold”) or “Versicherung” (“insurance”) years ago could be sitting on a real source of money today. In the end, five-digit amounts are demanded – sometimes premium domains are even sold for several million $.

The Features of a Premium Domain

  • Short and very memorable name
  • Usually a generic term
  • High search volume
  • A direct association with the actual topic takes place

Why should I buy a Premium Domain?

3 Advantages of Premium Domains at a Glance

Not every company will invest a five-digit or even six-digit amount in a domain name. However, there are a few companies that can benefit extremely if they buy a premium domain and use it for their own marketing.

1. Branding

If a premium domain is used, an improved branding is automatically achieved. Since customers can remember the name more easily, it stays in their minds longer – and generic terms can also show a direct connection with the business area.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Even if the search engine algorithm of providers such as Bing or Google is constantly improving, there are still fundamental factors that influence the ranking. This also includes the domain name. The search engine will therefore first suggest the website “” (“”) whenever the user searches for “Autos” (“cars”).

3. Visitors and Prestige

Many users only get to the website because they also draw logical conclusions – if you are looking for cars, you don’t have to use Google, but can simply enter “”) at the end.

The purchase of a premium domain is always worthwhile as soon as the company benefits from the advantages of the domain name, which are exclusively created by a premium domain.

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